Italy-based Esaote is set to introduce two new ultrasound machines at European Society of Cardiology 2014 congress in Barcelona, Spain, which will be held from 30 August to 3 September 2014.

The company has developed new machines MyLab Six and MyLab Gamma to address key sectors of the imaging market, as well as to meet the demands of the sonographer’s working environment.

Esaote CEO Carlos Alonso said: "These versatile, valuable and efficient new products are the work of considerable research into the current and future demands of the market place."

MyLab Six is a complete cart-based system, which can be used for different applications ranging from general imaging to women’s health and cardiovascular.

The battery-operated MyLab Gamma, which offers fast boot times and a rapid resume from standby, can be used for cardiovascular and other applications.

The machine incorporates high resolution imaging, advanced technologies and supports a range of probes, as well as integrated with wireless connectivity.

Esaote ultrasound marketing product manager Giovanni Altobelli said the MyLab Six has been designed to add value and efficiency to ultrasound in any specific clinical setting.

"It offers a premium, yet affordable, solution to customers in terms of user comfort, performance and versatility. Easy workflow and automation of key options maximise patient throughput without compromising diagnostic confidence," Altobelli added.