The MyLab Eight system is the culmination of Esaote's commitment to R&D to meet the increasing demands of the modern healthcare environment of outstanding image quality and ease of use.

The MyLab™Eight system incorporates the new eMPowered Engine to optimize high-density single crystal transducers to enable images to be captured deeper in the body, with unprecedented quality, even for difficult-to-scan patients.

The new WideView visualization technology offers sharp diagnostic image clarity with enhanced spatial and contrast resolution.

With high-frequency imaging, advanced hemodynamic evaluation tools such as XFlow and HD CFM, and a complete portfolio of probes, Esaote offers solutions covering Radiology, Cardiovascular, Obstetrics and Gynecology as well as Interventional and Surgery.

Glenn Davis, President and General Manager of Esaote North America said, "the release of the MyLab™Eight is very important to Esaote North America in continuing to expand our ultrasound portfolio for our customers. As a leader in Interventional Ultrasound and Fusion Imaging we are excited to see the positive impact this will provide to our customer and their patients."

Esaote's focus on the prevention of work-related musculoskeletal disorders can be experienced through a new design approach incorporating our award-winning appleprobe transducers, and the MyLabRemote, an interface App that allows the MyLab™Eight system to be controlled via smartphone or tablet.

The touchscreen-based workflow offers intuitive commands so the system can be easily operated in any scanning condition. Wireless and wired connectivity offer numerous data saving and transmission options.

"MyLab™Eight represents the Esaote effort in developing a system whose main characteristics are focused on wide-ranging diagnostic capability, completeness of tools, use flexibility and configuration modularity to properly meet today's most demanding ultrasound clinical needs," said Leonardo Forzoni, Esaote's Clinical Marketing Manager for Ultrasound.

 "Our strength to reach the target of clinical efficacy and diagnostic confidence has been achieved through the development of our empowered platform and a full portfolio of new technologies, such as high-density single crystal transducers together with WideView high definition IPS visualization technology. Thus enhancing image quality and related clinical information."

A full range of advanced tools, including QElaXto shear wave quantitative elastography, Virtual Navigator real-time Fusion Imaging, RF-based QIMT, QAS arterial stiffness quantification, CnTI™ contrast enhanced ultrasound, and many more, make MyLab™ Eight a unique solution for everyday clinical needs and the most demanding research environments.

Massimo Rosa, Esaote's Chief Global Marketing Officer said "The economic situation today in most countries, as well as the expenditure reforms, have impacted the healthcare purchasing process.

Financial constraints and the increase in average life expectancy are opposing forces in terms of up-to-date diagnostic resources and latest effective technologies.

Esaote put all its focus into developing the MyLab™Eight to give our customers a valuable solution in terms of premium diagnostic capabilities and clinical efficacy to respond effectively with a conscious value to healthcare needs: a solid platform to expand the access to innovative technologies."

With €280.1 million consolidated sales in 2015 (of which 65% were  generated  from  international  markets),  Esaote  Group is a leading player  in  the  biomedical  equipment  sector,  with a particular focus on ultrasound, dedicated  magnetic resonance,  and software for managing the diagnostic process. Esaote has about 1,250 employees, 50% of whom are based outside  of Italy.