The new ultrasound models establish a new concept of image quality beyond efficiency, flexibility, ease.

Esaote ultrasound product marketing manager Giovanni Altobelli said: “The MyLabX7, MyLabX6 and MyLabX5 systems renew and complete Esaote’s product range.

“Our goal is to make ultrasound acquisition faster and smarter, bearing in mind the increase in diagnostic confidence, the reliability of clinical performance, and the improvement of daily productivity.”

Esaote’s MyLab X7 technology is a resilient, green, and movable system with better image quality, optimally simple interface usage. It delivers faster outputs due to the zero-click automation functions.

Esaote cliams that the new MyLab X6 makes the clinical workflow so efficient and smooth that it not only increases productivity but also empowers entire clinical performances.

The company noted that fast response and easy interface usage also adapt flawlessly to all clinical requirements, offering comfort and flexibility.

The MyLab X5 ultrasound system allows users to not to worry about time-consuming adjustments.

Zero-click automation helps and accelerates any assessments and the improved image quality makes it possible to deliver them confidently.

The new ultrasound systems have been developed to provide high-quality ultrasound technology to hospitals, clinics, and private practices. They offer advanced clinical tools and large probe portfolios with zero-click automation.

Esaote CEO Karl-Heinz Lumpi said: “Today, efficiency and reliability are the most demanding challenges, especially in the clinical world. The three new MyLab ultrasound systems are the smartest and fastest answers to customers’ diagnostic and clinical needs in everyday practice.”

The company plans to showcase the MyLabX7, MyLabX6, and MyLabX5 at JFR 2018 to be held in Paris, between 12 and 15 October this year.

Headquartered in Genoa, Italy, Esaote has its production and research units in Italy as well as in the Netherlands.

The company, which is active in around 80 countries in the world, recorded a consolidated turnover of around €250m in 2017.