The new product finally offers relief for a condition that has lacked an adequate solution for decades- through a safe, effective, simple, over-the-counter solution that benefits the entire ear care industry.

"Millions of people are suffering from ear pain and discomfort due to earwax impaction. Embarrassment mixes with frustration and despair as conventional store-bought solutions fail to solve the problem," explains Elyse Stolz Dickerson, co-founder & CEO of Eosera, Inc.

Anyone can suffer from earwax impaction, but disproportionately affects the elderly, particularly those with hearing aids. It affects approximately 1 in 10 children, 1 in 20 adults, and 1 in 3 elderly patients.

Sufferers may not seek treatment for a wide range of reasons, including inconvenience, lack of knowledge, and cost. Fortunately, Earwax MD can help people of all ages.

Healthcare providers loathe earwax impaction nearly as much as their patients. For ENTs, the removal procedure is both time-consuming and unprofitable. Most would prefer that their patients use an OTC solution, except they know that current options on pharmacy shelves are based on 50-year-old technology.

Family practice doctors and pediatricians often refer patients to ear specialists. Audiologists that choose to remove impactions usually lose money, but do so to retain their patients.

"In short, everyone needed a modern solution to combat earwax impaction. Eosera has developed it," says Joe Griffin, co-founder & CSO.