EOS imaging’s medical imaging system, which is comprised of EOS and sterEOS, offers very low radiation dose 2D and 3D X-ray imaging of the full body in a natural weight-bearing position (standing or sitting).

It has already been approved for sale in more than 30 countries.

The Company made its first forays into the Japanese market this year with the signing of a distribution agreement.

Japan accounts for 17% of the global medical imaging market, making it the world’s second-largest market after the United States.

EOS imaging CEO Marie Meynadier said the company is delighted to have obtained authorization to deploy its technology in Japan, which marks a key step in its commercial development in the Asia-Pacific region.

"In the run-up to obtaining this authorization, we worked for a number of months alongside our local distributor to raise awareness about the benefits of EOS among opinion leaders, who have expressed a great deal of interest in our technology. This positive feedback from the Japanese market supports our development strategy in this country," Meynadier said.