In the first study, EO2 Concepts oxygen delivery system was evaluated in patients receiving treatment for diabetic foot ulcers with Continuous Diffusion of Oxygen (CDO) therapy.

It was a double-blind, randomized study and demonstrated improvements in the primary outcome of complete wound closure at 12 weeks with CDO therapy over the current standard of care using a placebo device.

The CDO arm is claimed to have performed 195% better and the time to ulcer closure was significantly shorter compared to the placebo arm.

Moreover, the study indicated that patients with more complex wounds were more than three times likely to experience complete wound closure with CDO treatment compared to the standard of wound care alone.

EO2 Concepts chief technology & operations officer and lead publication author Mark Niederauer said: “These results have the potential to change the standard of care for chronic wound management going forward.”

The second study was conducted on 20 people and was published in Wound Central. It evaluated the effectiveness and pain-reduction properties of the EO2 system.

CDO was found to reduce pain in all the subjects and rapidly reduce pain in most subjects. Some patients report complete pain relief within hours of application.

The authors stated reduction in pain may improve patient compliance and reduce the overuse of medications including opioids prescribed to patients with chronic wound pain.

EO2 Concepts president Joe Moffett said: “We are very pleased by the clinical results of these two studies, which continue to support the benefits of the EO2 System as a safe and effective therapeutic option for patients suffering from the devastating effects of unhealed wounds.

“I look forward to building on our commercial successes in the US, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East and supporting physicians and patients with this effective wound healing therapy.”

EO2 Concepts is a privately held, advanced wound-care technology company and innovator of an FDA-cleared, Class II medical device system that provides continuous oxygen therapy to difficult-to-heal wounds.