EnteroMedics has, for the first time, implanted the Maestro Rechargeable system at the Hadi Hospital in Kuwait.

Maestro system featuring two small electrodes are laparoscopically implanted and placed in contact with the trunks of the vagus nerve and is designed to deliver Vbloc vagal blocking therapy.

The Vbloc vagal blocking therapy uses electrical impulses to intermittently block the vagus nerve and target the multiple digestive functions under control of the vagus nerves and affects the perception of hunger and fullness.

The company said the Maestro System is distributed by Bader Sultan & Brothers in the Gulf Coast Countries.

EnteroMedics president and chief executive officer Mark Knudson said, "The first commercial implants of the Maestro RC System marks another important step forward for EnteroMedics in our evolution as a commercial organization and, more importantly, for the bariatric community in the Gulf Coast Countries, who face a daunting obesity and metabolic disease epidemic."