The partnership brings together two cutting-edge medical software solutions tailored to sleep clinicians’ needs – saving them time, increasing clinic efficiency, and opening up opportunities for increased revenue.

LabRetriever, sleep EMR is a comprehensive software solution offering physicians greater workflow efficiencies, improved and automated communications, increased bed utilization, and easy management of patient information.  Serving as a perfect complement to the LabRetriever suite, EnsoSleep helps clinicians reduce time spent scoring in-lab and home sleep studies by fifty percent or more without sacrificing quality. Since 2017, clinicians from more than 250 sleep clinic customers have used EnsoSleep AI scoring to analyze their sleep studies, saving thousands of hours every month.

LabRetriever and EnsoData have already collaborated to bring their services to shared clients with strong results and outcomes since 2018, and the partnership will support a quick and seamless rollout to sleep labs interested in multiplying their time-savings with the complimentary products.

“After working with the LabRetriever team to onboard several shared customers, it was a no-brainer to establish an easy way for all sleep clinics to benefit. Through the launch of this partnership, a clinic using LabRetriever can try out EnsoSleep, literally at the flip of a switch. EnsoSleep users have loved the ‘zero-click’ workflow that effortlessly provides fast, quality scoring. Now, those time-savings are even easier to realize, with our ‘zero-install’ AI scoring provided directly within existing LabRetriever cloud workflows and available to every user,” said Chris Fernandez, CEO and Co-founder of EnsoData.

“LabRetriever and EnsoSleep are powerful and effective tools for labs working hard to keep up with the increasing volume of home sleep studies, the growing shortage of clinicians, and the pressure on reimbursements,” said Cheryl Harner, COO of LabRetriever. “I am excited to help provide sleep clinics a level of efficiency that allows them not just to survive but to thrive in this changing sleep environment.”

Source: Company Press Release.