Medical technology company Enovis has commercially launched its ARVIS (Augmented Reality Visualization and Information System) in the US.

The only hands-free, real-time, augmented reality (AR) technology is specifically designed for orthopaedic surgeons.

ARVIS is an FDA-cleared device that allows surgeons to see accurate instructions when doing hip and knee surgery with the use of AR.

It is a self-contained, wearable surgical guiding system operated by the surgeon like other conventional robotic systems that call for extra staff.

Enovis said the device can be worn on an ARVIS headband or is compatible with the helmets already used during surgery.

ARVIS gives surgeons a hands-free view of the process so they can concentrate on their patients rather than a screen across the room.

Enovis Surgical president and general manager Louie Vogt said: “ARVIS was designed to provide surgeons with better information, more confidence and an enhanced surgical experience that integrates seamlessly into their procedural workflow without the need for obtrusive and unnecessary equipment.

“ARVIS is significantly smaller, but powerful and precise, with a more economical price than large robotic systems.

“In turn, it can be adopted and scaled by a wide array of ambulatory surgical centres and hospitals, meaning more access to more patients wishing to experience the benefits of a technology-assisted knee or hip replacement.”

The company said that ARVIS is the first device with unique hardware to help surgeons put hip and knee joint replacements accurately and enhance the results of joint replacement recovery.

Due to the elimination of disposable plastic devices and consumables, ARVIS is said to be more ecologically friendly and sustainable than competing technologies.

Earlier this year, DJO, a subsidiary of Enovis, acquired ARVIS AR Technology as part of its acquisition of Insight Medical Systems.