EndoQuest Robotics, Inc., (the “Company”) a privately-held medical device company and pioneering leader in the development of innovative endoluminal robotic technologies, announced today the successful closure of a $42 million C-1 preferred financing round.  This strategic funding will fuel the advancement of its groundbreaking flexible endoluminal robot aimed at transforming minimally invasive procedures.

The financing round was led by the Company’s legacy investors, CE Ventures Limited and McNair Interests Ltd., along with Puma Venture Capital LLC as a new investor.  This significant investment reflects a strong vote of confidence in EndoQuest’s vision to revolutionize endoluminal procedures through cutting-edge robotic technology.  The newly acquired capital will be instrumental in driving key initiatives, including further research and development, regulatory milestones, commercialization efforts, and strengthening the Company’s position as the frontrunner in flexible endoluminal robotics.

“The EndoQuest team is trailblazing novel solutions in minimally invasive surgery,” said Neeraj Agrawal, Executive Director, Crescent Enterprises.  “We welcome our new partners, and remain fully supportive of the Company and the prospects to transform healthcare with our innovative endoluminal surgical platform.”

EndoQuest Robotics is focused on addressing the unmet needs in gastrointestinal (“GI”) and other endoluminal surgeries by developing an innovative robotic system that offers precision, flexibility, and improved patient outcomes.  The Company’s proprietary technology is designed to navigate and perform procedures within the body’s luminal spaces, allowing for minimally invasive interventions and enhancing the capabilities of healthcare professionals.

“Our investors share our vision of leveraging robotics to redefine the possibilities in minimally invasive procedures,” added Kurt Azarbarzin, CEO of EndoQuest Robotics.  “This financing enables us to continue innovating and refining our technology, ultimately improving patient care and transforming the future of endoluminal interventions.”

EndoQuest Robotics remains dedicated to collaborating with healthcare providers, researchers, and industry partners to advance the adoption of its revolutionary flexible endoluminal robotic system, ultimately improving patient outcomes and redefining a new standard of care in minimally invasive surgery.

“We are thrilled to join CE Ventures and McNair Interests in this funding round for EndoQuest Robotics,” said Amit Hazan, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Puma Venture Capital LLC.  Dr. Vipul Patel, a world-renowned robotic urologic surgeon as well as the Co-Founder and Senior Venture Partner of Puma Venture Capital LLC added, “I’ve had the privilege of seeing just about every robotic surgical system either in development or on the market today and can honestly say that EndoQuest’s system is a true game changer for both physicians and patients.”

Source: Company Press Release