Endonovo Therapeutics CEO Alan Collier said: “We are pleased to announce the positive performance of our SofPulse units which have been delivered and utilized to date. The Company has received numerous calls and emails from medical professionals and patients alike, detailing the beneficial results stemming from the use of SofPulse.

“We believe this performance further reinforces and validates the commercial maturity of SofPulse while demonstrating the capacity to address medical issues without patients being prescribed and dependent on opioids.”

The company his initiated additional sales and marketing strategies to ensure future growth:

The company is in the process of hiring an independent sales force; and

Management is pleased with the ongoing efforts as related to an agreement recently announced with US Authentic Trading Company to handle distribution throughout hospitals in China.  We anticipate definitive agreements to be executed in the first quarter of next year.

Collier said: “As we conclude 2018, we primarily needed to focus on retaining ownership of SofPulse.  We are pleased to announce we successfully paid the balance of the purchase price of the SofPulse technology due to the former owners.  Additionally, we have successfully established significant sales and distribution agreements and partnerships, where we are now well poised to focus and execute on our new sales initiatives entering 2019.

“Our sales and marketing strategies are now being implemented globally as we enter a significantly broader commercialization of SofPulse.”

Source: Company Press Release