According to EndoChoice, the Health Canada license means Fuse system will be the first endoscopy system available with expanded viewing capabilities to reach Canadian patients.

EndoChoice Fuse Full Spectrum Endoscopy system features colonoscopes and gastroscopes with multiple imagers. The Fuse colonoscope provides a field of view of 330 degrees compared to 170 degrees from standard endoscopes.

The device enables doctors to see more of the gastrointestinal tract for diagnosis and treatment.

In clinical trials, the Fuse system identified 70% more polyps than traditional colonoscopies. Being able to see more anatomy may allow doctors to find more pre-cancerous polyps.

EndoChoice founder and CEO Mark Gilreath noted the company intends to gain market clearance in several more countries in the near future.

"While 2013 has been an exciting year for our company, the introduction of Fuse into Canada and other markets will enable us to make 2014 even more dynamic as we bring this game-changing technology to more clinicians," Gilreath added.