The small-profile devices including EndoGrab and the EndoLift use Virtual Port’s proprietary MicroAnchoring technology to provide secure laparoscopic organ retraction.

The EndoGrab allows surgeons to retract internal organs and to anchor them directly to the endocavity wall, while EndoLift internally retracts large, soft tissue structures, such as the liver and uterus from within the abdominal cavity, which eliminates incisions solely dedicated for retraction.

Encision president and CEO Fred Perner said the company is expanding its product offerings with the addition of Virtual Ports’ products.

"Additionally, Micro-Anchoring Technology aligns perfectly with our targeted audience of laparoscopic surgeons," Perner added.

Virtual Ports CEO Dan Shwarzman said, "We look forward to a successful collaboration with Encision and are confident that together we can offer surgeons and patients in the U.S. a new performance standard for laparoscopic surgery."

Encision’s product portfolio includes a patented AEM Laparoscopic Instruments that improve electrosurgery and reduce the chance for patient injury in minimally invasive surgery.