The small wearable drug delivery device Enable Injector is said to adhere to the body and deliver high volume drugs easily and comfortably at home or work.

The pilot trial principal investigator Dr Gary Ansel said: "An easy to use, relatively painless injector like this may open the door not only for new pharmaceuticals that may not be possible without this type of device, but also significantly improve patient compliance."

In the trial, ten healthy subjects served as their own controls and each self-administered four doses of saline subcutaneously with the Enable Injector.

The drug delivery device has been used to deliver both low (1.5 mL) and high (2 x 10 mL) doses.

Enable Injections president and CEO Michael Hooven said: "We look forward to additional clinical trials to meet the pressing need for new, patient-pleasing injection technology that can unlock the promise of biologics and that can also reduce drug formulation and health system costs."

Currently, the firm is involved in multiple feasibility and collaboration programs with various pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms.

Image: The small wearable Enable Injector delivers high volume drugs easily and comfortably at home or work. Photo: courtesy of Business Wire.