DBC acupuncture needles are made of surgical-grade stainless steel. DBC needles are available in a variety of lengths and styles to accommodate many styles of acupuncture. Emerson carries its pipe and spring handled needles in single or bulk packages, as well as intradermal, press and hand needles.

Emerson claimed that Seirin was the first to develop hygienic, disposable acupuncture needles, which is standard for acupuncture treatments.

Emerson Ecologics carries the entire line including: J-Type (easy-release comfort grip handles with light touch insertion), Laser L-Type (a metal spring type handle for moxibustion or electro-therapy treatments), D-Type (plastic handle needles for gentle treatments) and J-15 (specifically designed for cosmetic facial treatments).

Fran Towey, president of Emerson Ecologics, said: “With an increasing number of Acupuncturists coming to Emerson to purchase their needles, supplies and supplements, we felt it was important to bring on two of the recognized, high quality brands of needles available. We are committed to expanding our product offerings to be the one-stop source for all Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine practice needs.”