The company closed series B funding under the round led by SV Tech Ventures and Shangbay Capital.

The funding includes $3m in new equity financing and over $7m in conversion of previously-issued convertible notes.

The data from the SafePass clinical trial will be used to submit application for the European CE mark approval.

Emboline president and CEO Scott Russell said: "As Emboline nears the initiation of our clinical trial to achieve CE Mark approval, this new funding is imperative to securing our place in the embolic protection market.”

Emboliner is a next-generation protection catheter, which helps to reduce the risk of cerebral embolic events or stroke that patients may face following TAVR procedures.

The device can be used for all cerebral branches with fewer anatomical limitations. It offers full-body embolic protection through capturing both cerebral and non-cerebral debris.

Other advantages of the catheter include minimal interference with devices required to complete the procedure and additional procedural access is also not acquired.

The firm’s embolic protection technology will be more useful for TAVR and other interventional procedures with embolic risks.

Emboline said its technologies are derived from intellectual property invented by Dr Amir Belson, founder of Neoguide Systems, Vascular Pathways, Zipline Medical, Qool Therapeutics, and others.

SV Tech Ventures managing partner Peng Cheng said: "We have been closely monitoring the development of the Emboliner since 2015 and are encouraged by the potential this unique technology has to improve the safety of TAVR and other interventional procedures.

"This is an exciting time for Emboline as they begin their clinical studies, and we look forward to continuing our work with the Emboline team to bring this technology to patients across the globe."