The company has designed Hourglass Peripheral Embolization Plug to offer precise, secure, over-the-wire delivery and immediate occlusion with a single integrated device.

EMBA Medical CEO George Wallace said: "The goal with over-the-wire design is to provide physicians with accurate, stent-like delivery of the device in the vessel.

"We believe that the Hourglass implant will provide a level of confidence, precision, and control for peripheral embolization procedures that physicians have come to enjoy over the years while performing other types of over-the-wire endovascular procedures."

According to Hourglass co-developer Dr Andrew Cragg, the new device will provide immediate occlusion in a wide range of vessel sizes with a single device.

The device’s design will allow to take advantage of natural hemodynamic forces to offer immediate, focal and stable occlusions, said Cragg.

The Hourglass Peripheral Embolization Plug is a class IIb medical device, which will be produced at the firm’s manufacturing facility in Miramar of Florida, US.

The device has not yet received approval in the US.