The new device is claimed to preserve expensive and irreplaceable products such as human organs, tissues, vaccines and pharmaceuticals that require a constant temperature for storage.

Emanate Wireless CEO Neil Diener said: "Today’s devices monitor the temperature of refrigerators and let healthcare industry employees know when temperatures fall out of spec.

"Our newest device, PowerPath Temp, monitors AC power in addition to temperature parameters. That means it’s capable of notifying healthcare workers before there’s a problem."

Through monitoring the AC power current, PowerPath will identify laboring compressors and advise maintenance personnel before refrigeration fails.

The company said notification can be achieved through a browser-based dashboard or mobile application.

PowerPath Temp can monitor other conditions such as whether freezer’s door has been opened, in addition to temperature and AC power status.

Diener added: "We couldn’t be more proud to bring it to market, and I couldn’t be more proud of our engineering team for creating it."