ReliaFit also offers a high level of dryness and patient comfort, the company claimed.

Eloquest Healthcare executive vice president & COO Tim O’Halla said ReliaFit will revolutionize urinary management by reducing infection rates and improving patient care and satisfaction.

"We are pleased to add ReliaFit to our specialized portfolio of easy-to-use products that improve patient outcomes and reduce treatment costs," O’Halla said.

The key challenges with present urinary management options are catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs).

These infections are most common with indwelling catheters, while discomfort and leakage are mostly usual when using condom catheters.

Such infections can raise treatment costs, length of hospital stay and use of antimicrobials.

ReliaFit male urinary device is not only easy to apply, but also fits all, making it an alternative option for most condom catheter patients.

Moreover, unlike condom catheters, ReliaFit can be used in patients with retracted, circumcised and uncircumcised anatomies.

It features a comfortable hydrocolloid seal and faceplate which along with a vent to improve drainage lessens the risk of skin breakdown due to moisture.