ELITechGroup has selected the PPSU resin to injection mold two redesigned carousels for its Aerospray slide stainer systems that are used in hematology and microbiology applications.

ELITechGroup Biomedical Systems designer Jared Martineau said: "Solvay’s advanced polymer technology, materials expertise and close collaboration helped us identify Radel PPSU as the clear choice for this application due to its high transparency, chemical resistance, autoclavability and physical toughness vs. competitive thermoplastics."

The company traditionally used a transparent polycarbonate (PC) resin to mold the tops and bottoms of its 12 and 30-slide carousel designs and thermoplastic caps that retain magnets in each carousel.

The PC exhibited crazing and cracking at short intervals of time, after repeated exposure to the harsh chemicals common to slide-staining applications.

To overcome this problem, ELITechGroup has decided to redesign its carousels by sampling several alternative transparent materials to mold the carousel parts, including polyethylene, polyvinylidene fluoride, polybutylene terephthalate-based blends and a copolyester material.

Radel PPSU is said to be resistant to methanol, iodine, phenol and other chemical agents, which are applied to slides through atomizing spray nozzles inside ELITechGroup’s diagnostic systems.

In addition, it is tolerant to repeated steam sterilization and can maintain toughness and impact resistance.

Solvay Specialty Polymers healthcare sales development manager Gilbert Galon said: "As industry leaders like ELITechGroup innovate increasingly sophisticated diagnostic tools, they are seeking higher performance thermoplastics able to meet their design needs."

Image: ELITechGroup has selected Solvay’s PPSU to upgrade two slide stainer carousels. Photo: courtesy of Solvay 2015.