“We are very excited to have been awarded the license to print the Moomin designs onto Disposable Hospital Curtains. All of us love the Moomin family and we especially wanted to contribute something that would bring joy for children unfortunate enough to be staying in hospital. The product development was challenging, as we pride ourselves on producing exceptional high quality products and our number one goal was to manufacture a double-sided print on to the polypropylene fabric, which would be of equal high quality on both sides. We are absolutely delighted with the outcome; the double-sided print enables both patients and healthcare staff to enjoy the wonderful design.” stated Angus Kennedy, Development Director of Elers Medical.

“The idea of developing a pediatric curtain range actually came from the father of a child who was receiving long term treatment in a hospital in Helsinki. He approached us to ask why there were no bed curtains in child friendly designs? He explained that he had spent almost 3 months sitting by his daughters bed staring at the standard coloured privacy curtains. He thought it would be a good idea to have a design that the child could look at and possibly be distracted enough to forget, for a little while at least, that they were lying in a hospital bed. We thought that this was a fantastic idea and the concept of child friendly prints and the Moomin idea was born.”

Elers Medical work constantly to find ways to reduce hospital-acquired infections (HAI’s), which to date account for 136.000 deaths and $27.7 billion in direct hospital costs annually in the EU and USA. The WHO warns that due to growing antibiotic resistance, common pathogens are becoming harder to deal with and this could lead to a global increase in HAI cases worldwide. Elers Medical provides unique and innovative solutions to face these challenges.

Currently Elers Medical design and manufacture over 30 different professional infection control products, the latest product group being the Antimicrobial Disposable Curtains. The curtains directly help to reduce cross contamination from the surface of the curtain to the patient or staff member, thus contributing to preventing pathogenic transfer and assisting in lowering instances of HAI’s.

Elers Medical recognize and agree, that infection control on children’s ward’s is of absolute paramount importance, but high Infection Control practices do not need to mean that the ward décor, including the bed curtains, cannot bring a sense of warmth and wellbeing for patients and staff alike.

Elers Medical's Antimicrobial paediatric curtains have a sophisticated black and white design expertly printed on to the Antibacterial or Untreated privacy curtain fabric, which makes it easy to implement in any ward colour scheme. Accompanied with improved features such as heat sealed self-auditing and dignity labels, a unique identification and traceability label and 100 gsm fabric which ensures both quality and patient privacy. All curtains are 100% recyclable, inherently fire retardant and require no laundering or costly initial capital expenditure.

Elers Medical Paediatric curtains are now available around the globe.