Sweden-based Elekta develops tools and treatment planning systems for radiation therapy and radiosurgery, and workflow enhancing software systems across the spectrum of cancer care.

Elekta said that, with Gamma Knife Perfexion, physicians are applying therapy to multiple mets in a single session, treating more non-malignant targets located in critical areas and planning increasingly tailored plans to meet individual patient needs. The result has been an upsurge in Perfexion sales and upgrades from the previous model Leksell Gamma Knife 4C in North America.

Elekta had recently announced its fourth quarter orders for Leksell Gamma Knife Perfexion, including Methodist Hospital (San Antonio), Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center (Houston), New York-Presbyterian Hospital and Swedish Cancer Institute (Seattle).

Thomas McKay, senior marketing manager at Elekta Neuroscience, said: “Since the introduction of Perfexion, 40% of Gamma Knife systems in North America are, or will soon be, Perfexion systems. The benchmark upon which all other radiosurgery systems are measured, the capabilities of Perfexion continue to evolve, fusing the skills of the clinician with the science of radiosurgery.”