Elekta said that Elekta Neuromag Triux is a platform that addresses key requirements critical for monitoring normal and abnormal brain activity.

According to Elekta, implementing a MEG program will be more practical for most clinical environments with the Neuromag Triux system’s dynamic range, which has been increased three-fold, in addition to built-in active shielding, which protects its ultrasensitive sensor array from magnetic interference.

Elekta said that the Neuromag Triux also provides several features that include a new connector panel with easy to access connectors and an all-new gantry that allows clinicians and researchers to conduct MEG measurements with the patient in a more comfortable upright position.

In addition, Elekta added that Neuromag Triux is undergoing a major revision to its system software to perfect acquisition workflows and routine quality assurance procedures.

Stephen Otto, chairman of Neuromag Business at Elekta, said: “This system is now the definitive platform from which to launch MEG programs now and far into the future. In fact, many upcoming improvements and options presently in development may be ordered already today to ensure Elekta Neuromag Triux will be continually updated with releases as they become available.

“Current users also will be pleased to discover the time-proven triple sensor array remains unchanged to maintain full compatibility with the wealth of research conducted by the Neuromag user community.”