Elekta Unity integrates two technologies such as a 1.5T MRI scanner and a 7 MV linear accelerator, which are driven by real-time adaptive radiotherapy software.

The system holds capacity to reshape the dose based on daily changes in shape, size and position of the tumour and surrounding healthy anatomy. It facilitates accurate dose delivery with real-time visualization of the tumour.

Elekta Unity enables to visualise daily changes with sub-millimetric resolution in five different ways. It instantly reacts to changes in the tumour and reshape the dose in 12 clicks, and allows to view the tumour in three planes when treating with stereotactic precision.

The system is said to leverage functional MRI protocols to probe radiobiology and potentially detect/assess tumor response with diagnostic quality imaging provided by the 1.5T MRI.

Elekta Unity’s laser free workflow will help reduce set-up time by avoiding manual tattoo alignment, as well as offers wide tunnel size and positioning options.

Elekta already secured CE mark approval, as well as 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Adminsitration (FDA) for the Unity MR/RT system. It is not commercially available in all markets.

Elekta president and CEO Richard Hausmann said: “In just over a year since its first clearance, Elekta Unity has enabled the transformation of cancer care in Europe, the U.S. and Asia, and we are excited it is now available to Canadian patients.

“Unity is changing how leading cancer centers deliver radiation therapy, reshaping the dose in real time and targeting hard-to-treat cancers that previously could not be treated effectively with radiation.

“We have deep appreciation for our clinical collaborators from the Odette Cancer Centre at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, who played critical roles in developing and evaluating this transformative technology.”

Based in Stockholm, Elekta provides precision radiation medicine solutions to its customers and employs around 4,000 employees across the world.