US-based El Camino Hospital has enrolled first patient in a safety study of the new catheter called RenovoCath that is being developed for targeted delivery of fluids to selected sites in the peripheral vascular system.

The study will allow physicians to determine appropriate dosing of locally-delivered chemotherapy for patients with pancreatic cancer.

Valley Medical Oncology oncologist and the study’s principal investigator Dr. Jiali Li said: "The goal of this study is to define an appropriate treatment dose when delivering chemotherapy directly to the pancreas via the arteries that feed the tumor."

RenovoCath will be used to treat pancreatic cancer patients and is specifically designed to isolate blood flow and deliver fluids into selected sites in the peripheral vascular system using a dual balloon occlusion design.

The proximal and distal occlusion balloons are said to help in the isolation of vascular site and allow infusion of fluids in a controlled environment.

Using the catheter’s uniquely designed two-part handle for maximum control, the two balloons are inflated and positioned independently.

The catheter is manufactured by California-based RenovoRx.