The Eko Core is claimed to be the only stethoscope that can wirelessly stream heart and lung sounds through smartphone application.

The stethoscope enables clinicians to view a heart or lung sound waveform, save sounds directly to a patient's electronic health record, and collaborate with another clinician for a second opinion or telehealth consult

Clinicians can save record, save, and share heart and lung sounds across the care team in real time by using the mobile application.

Last year, the company received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration for Eko Core.

According to the company, the Eko Core is used by clinicians at over 400 hospitals and health systems across the US.

MedTach, which is the Canadian medical device distributor, is providing Eko Core to the customers.

Ontario’s Kingston General Hospital pediatric hospitalist Michael Storr said: "I use the Eko Core daily both for teaching as well as electronically sharing auscultation findings with colleagues so that we can come to a consensus on diagnosis.

“In Canada, our vast geography results in large distances between the pediatric tertiary care centres and health professionals in the community

Eko Devices produces non-invasive cardiovascular monitoring devices, clinical software, and point-of-care decision support algorithms for the cardiovascular market.