The non-invasive technology, which can be used in the surgical, intensive care, emergency room and cardiology settings, provides continuous real-time information to clinicians.

Edwards critical care and vascular corporate vice president Carlyn Solomon said BMEYE’s non-invasive technology platform complements the company’s existing portfolio and will provide clinicians with critical, comprehensive hemodynamic monitoring information for a broader range of patients.

"Numerous studies have concluded that therapy guided by hemodynamic monitoring improves patient outcomes and reduces complications and lengths of hospital stays," Solomon added.

"This acquisition supports our ongoing commitment to build and strengthen our offerings for clinicians and patients, and reinforces our leadership in hemodynamic monitoring."

Edwards said it is planning to expand the usage of BMEYE’s monitoring products as well as further develop non-invasive technology and integrate it into its EV1000 clinical platform for use in the acute care setting in hospitals.

BMEYE’s monitoring products, which works with a non-invasive finger cuff to measure continuous real-time information, are available in the US, Europe and in several other countries.