Part of the Edelberg’s CLEAR coding platform, the new medical coding solution facilitates instant live feedback and workflow between the scribe and coder as the medical record develops in real-time to address issues immediately.

The new platform uses real-time interactions and an advanced signaling that links medical coders and scribes, allowing health systems to improve important financial metrics related to the processing and reimbursement of encounters.

Edelberg & Associates CEO Caral Edelberg said: "Previously, the time gap that existed between providing clinical care to the final bill being submitted was between six to ten days or often longer depending on the availability of providers to complete records."

CLEAR Summit allows health systems to improve reimbursement through the avoidance of documentation deficiencies and accelerates bill-drop times.

It will also increase accuracy in patient billings and reduce physician time being spent on deficient paperwork required for proper medical coding and reimbursement.

ScribeAmerica CEO Dr Michael Murphy said: "ScribeAmerica’s mission is to fundamentally improve the delivery of care to patients. Now in this partnership, LiveCode brings a completely new value proposition and will revolutionize how coding is viewed by the industry."