The conference provided EDAP with the opportunity to present its minimally invasive technology, featured by the official launch of its Sonolith i-move lithotripter.

During EAU, EDAP also highlighted the growing clinical results and physician experiences with Ablatherm-HIFU. Key opinion leaders and long-term Ablatherm users from Germany and France presented updated patient data from EDAP’s @-Registry centralized database. The registry compiles valuable long-term data on Ablatherm-HIFU that continues to demonstrate treatment benefits and validate the technology as a minimally invasive solution for localized prostate cancer.

The growing adoption of HIFU was further supported by recent updates to EAU guidelines that integrate the use of HIFU into a recommended treatment option for the management of prostate cancer in patients with recurrence of cancer after radiotherapy. HIFU offers a valuable solution that addresses the recurrence of cancer and can also be repeated. In addition, EAU also acknowledged that HIFU’s focal therapeutic approach strongly positions the therapy for broader management of localized prostate cancer.

Marc Oczachowski, chief executive officer of EDAP, said: “Despite lower attendance than usual at the conference due to the effects of the Icelandic volcano, we are pleased with the strong interest and feedback we received from urologists related to our innovative Sonolith i-move lithotripter and its unique infrared stereo-vision ultrasound system designed to automatically track urinary stones.

“We will continue to promote and market the device to the urological community as our Sales and Marketing team will focus their efforts on reaching out to those physicians who were unable to attend the EAU event.”