The EchoNous Vein ultrasound-based tool is designed to be used across a range of patients, including both adults and children.

The device offers immediate and clear images at depths between 1cm and 5cm for quickly visualizing superficial and deeper veins with only two-button controls.

The ultrasound-based device is said to incorporate the firm’s existing intelligent medical tool, Uscan, to form the EchoNous platform.

According to the company, the peripheral IVs can be challenging due to chronic illness, chemotherapy, obesity and drug abuse and first-attempt IV catheter insertion fails in up to 26% of adults and 54% of children.

Early feedback from healthcare providers has demonstrated that the EchoNous Vein’s unique frequency profile and optimized gain and depth preset holds capacity to offer significant advancements in assessing veins of pediatric patients.

The company also intends to converge its Signostics brand and AI-driven Uscan bladder scanner product under the single EchoNous brand, in addition to introducing the new vascular access tool.

EchoNous CEO Kevin Goodwin said: “Time is critical, especially when patients need an infusion or antibiotic treatment, and finding the right vein can be challenging. We designed the EchoNous Vein to provide nurses with rapid, clear images of veins to directly improve patient care, satisfaction and HCAHPS scores.

“We wanted to create an easy-to-use tool that would help to reduce failed sticks, as with each failure comes a much higher risk of vessel trauma or infections which can lead to longer stays in hospital and higher medical costs.”

Based in Seattle of Washington, EchoNous is a KKR portfolio company and parent company of Signostics.

EchoNous is engaged in the development of intelligent medical tools for healthcare professionals to clear regular problems in healthcare.

The company announced that it is applying a layer of artificial intelligence to extreme miniaturized ultrasound to offer nurses, doctors and clinicians with advanced tools to simplify the work.