ECA’s patented single-procedure or disposable instruments and sterile packed kits are designed to secure the full range of delicate to demanding procedures and implants including trauma, cranio-maxillofacial, small bone and extremity, spine and general reconstruction of hips and knees.

The industry is embracing single procedure or disposable instruments to solve lingering clinical and business problems as orthopaedic implant manufacturers move to cut costs and gain market share both in traditional and emerging markets.

Disposables eliminate massive life cycle support costs to maintain legacy reusable instruments, which are now cost centers to both the ortho implant maker and hospital.

In contrast, packaged in sterile kits ECA’s instruments help eliminate surgical site infection, curb cleaning and re-sterilization costs and provide guaranteed torque accuracy for every procedure.

ECA’s president and CEO John Nino noted the company’s products are the way of the future for healthcare, mitigating risk and providing unprecedented competitive advantage to its customers.

"The Academy (AAOS) is a great venue for us to showcase to implant makers and surgeons alike the inherent and sustained benefits of adopting single-procedure instruments and kits for their implants and patients. Our disposable instruments have the familiar feel and robust operation without the hefty price tag and life cycle costs of traditional solutions," Nino added.

On display at AAOS will be:

– Precision torque-limiting instruments and kits for precise implant fixation

– Torque-Fast family of instruments. Plug and play precision torque-limiting handles that fit with millions of legacy AO and ┬╝ inch square instrument shafts and blades used in operating rooms worldwide.

– ECA Model 225 In-Line adapter. This industry first disposable torque-limiting instrument can be attached to all popular variable speed surgical drills providing the surgeon both added safety for securing connectors and screws but also speeding implant procedures.

– ECA’s family of fixed driver instruments using Wick Away┬« technology for assured grip and operation in demanding applications

– Model 900 series of spinal fusion, general reconstruction and small bone and trauma procedural kits.