The new surgical instruments, Model 900 series, are made of engineered polymers and surgical stainless steel materials and includes three single-procedure surgical kit configurations for general orthopaedic reconstructive surgery, small bone and trauma procedures and for spine implants.

Each kit includes several torque-limiting and fixed-driver instruments for use by surgeons to fix and secure hip, knee, shoulder, cranio-maxillofacial, spinal fusion as well as small bone and trauma implants such as clavicle, hands and feet within patients.

ECA president and chief executive officer John Nino said the Model 900 series of surgical kits are designed in response to industry demand by surgeons and hospitals to cut cost, improve safety installing of orthopaedic implant devices.

"Current torque devices can fall out of calibration," Nino added.

"They require regular factory checks and re-calibration, and require costly and meticulous cleaning and re-sterilization after each procedure.

"In contrast, ECA’s disposable instruments and kits are factory set and precise each time, come sterile packed ready for use in the operating room with the intended implant and can be recycled after use."