Featuring patented Wick Away technology, the fixed-driver instruments offer the tactile properties and grip needed in orthopaedic surgeries, where a fixed-driver instrument is used to secure implant screws, fasteners and connectors.

Secure grip throughout the surgical procedure is provided by wicking away debris and fluids to the waffle geometry and crevices of the polymer handle, according to the company.

The sterile single-procedure surgical instruments also eliminate costly and potentially deadly hospital borne and surgical site infections.

ECA Medical Instruments president and chief executive officer John Nino said, "The solid grip and ease of use are unprecedented in a disposable instrument and are a perfect complement to our single-procedure torque-limiting instruments and orthopaedic procedural kits."

The company said the instruments featuring the Wick Away design include Model 400 SpeedECAp with fingertip spin-top, Model 401 SpeedECAp with crown spin-top, Model 430 standard FD Palm driver and Model 450 standard FD Axial driver.