The EarlySense system features a compact sensor, which when placed under the patient’s mattress automatically records and documents patient’s cardiac, respiratory and motion parameters.

The system alerts the nursing staff, when thresholds are crossed and also alerts, if a patient needs turning in order to avoid pressure ulcers or if a patient has left or fallen off the bed.

All the patient information can be viewed at the nurses’ station, on a bedside monitor and on a large screen display in the department.

In order to assure timely care, nurses also receive alerts on their hand held devices.

EarlySense CEO Avner Halperin said by detecting heart and respiratory rates changes early, medical teams can proactively intervene and provide care that will help keep patients out of intensive care and improve their recovery time.

"In addition, the system facilitates effective management of patient care through its management and communication tools," Halperin said.