e-pill specializes in the marketing and distribution of medication management systems and is the best known US distributor of patient compliance and medication adherence devices. Our devices are sold direct to patients and to the healthcare industry.

Stefan Solvell, President and Manager of e-pill Medication Reminders, says, "e-pill has a strong presence in the marketplace as a leading medication management solutions provider. We are confident that the e-pill® MedTime PLUS will soon become a favorite device for families who are looking for a comprehensive medication adherence solution."

In the US, studies indicate that roughly 50% of the medications distributed today are not correctly taken. "e-pill MedTime PLUS addresses this growing epidemic head on with strong features to remind, organize and manage pills plus the patented Auto-Lock Dispensing Door provides additional security for patients and their caregivers," says Solvell.

The e-pill MedTime PLUS (SKU 992030 UPC 837066000411 US Patent 9,027,787 B2) reminds, dispenses and can report medication non-compliance, ensuring that a patient takes the right medications, in the right quantities and at the right time.

New features of e-pill MedTime PLUS include: Patient Information Display, Auto-Lock Dispensing Door, Longer Alarm duration (up to 5 hours), Louder Alarm, enhanced Early Dose feature, Start date and Stop date.

The new e-pill automatic pill dispenser can be programmed to start at a pre-set future time and date which makes it ideal for patients returning home from a hospital stay. It can help to avoid costly re-hospitalizations and allows for proactive and responsive care.

Boston based med-tech company e-pill, has been in business since 1999 and offers 53 different medical devices to improve medication adherence / patient compliance and to allow patients to continue to live independently and maintain their freedom.

The company provides a full line of medication adherence and patient compliance devices marketed under the e-pill, CADEX, PuffMinder and HIProtector brands.