DxS, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qiagen, has acquired license for biomarker PI3K from Johns Hopkins University. The company will utilize this key PI3K gene for the development of real-time-PCR and endpoint PCR assays. DxS, under certain PI3K assay R&D programs with pharmaceutical companies, is developing and marketing different tests for cancer drugs.

Reportedly, results from a study suggested that variation in PI3K gene can work as a useful biomarker, as a companion diagnostic with several other cancer treatment. The study shows that PI3K oncogene mutations also helps in treating lung, breast, colorectal and other cancer patients. The company markets PI3K test, which is based on real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR), for research use.

The company seeks FDA approval for CE-marked K-RAS test for companion diagnostic use with EGFR inhibitors, Vectibix and Erbitux.

Peer Schatz, CEO of Qiagen, said: “This license agreement is another step forward for Qiagen and for the use of novel therapeutics that rely on the widespread availability of the required PI3K companion diagnostic test. We are looking forward to developing drug-diagnostic combinations together with pharmaceutical partners for the selection of the right patient for the right medicine.

“This concept allows cancer patients to receive better treatments and can support healthcare systems to provide the most useful therapies in cost effective ways.”