ReSure Sealant is a synthetic, biocompatible hydrogel that creates a temporary, soft and lubricious surface barrier to protect clear corneal incisions in the immediate post-operative period when wounds are most vulnerable.

Dr Kim said this novel technology represents a paradigm shift in wound closure for his patients.

"For quite some time, sutures were the only approved option for certainty of wound closure, but they can produce undesirable adverse events and require removal," he added.

"The ReSure Sealant not only seals incisions better than sutures with far fewer side effects, it also provides physicians with peace of mind that their wounds are secure."

The ReSure Sealant is the first FDA-approved sealant for ophthalmic use to seal incisions following cataract surgery.

Ocular Therapeutix president and CEO Dr Amar Sawhney said the company is thrilled that it is able to provide ophthalmologists a more reliable and effective method to seal clear corneal cataract incisions.

"We look forward to bringing the product to surgeons nationwide," Dr Sawhney added.