The two companies recently signed an agreement that will provide DMS with the manufacturing, service and support infrastructure needed to market TIMO along with shipping, receiving and inventory management services.  The first product release is anticipated in the fourth quarter of 2017.

Urinary incontinence (UI) affects over 20% of US men over 65. TIMO, a one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art appliance that provides an alternative to urinary catheters, holds the promise of improving care for many of these patients while also significantly decreasing costs. 

With its hybrid design, TIMO provides all the benefits and convenience of a catheter without the associated complications, while also restoring patient dignity, and dramatically reducing costs associated with alternative methods of urinary catheterization and control. 

"Bringing TIMO to the public has been a long time dedicated effort for me and my team," said Dr. Gary F. Pevnick, Founder of DMS. 

"The inventor, a former patient of mine, suffered from multiple sclerosis and the debilitating effect of UI.  His dream was to help others who suffered this demeaning disorder. Our partnership with Quest Specialty Products and their expertise will make his dream come to fruition."

"Quest Specialty Products, Inc. is proud to partner with Dignity Medical Solutions, Inc. to develop and manufacture this highly reliable and mobile urinary transfer system that provides greater patient dignity for people with UI as well as people confined to a bed," stated Dan Fitter, Chief Executive Officer of Quest. 

 "This exciting new product will help reduce patient risk for urinary tract infections while semi-automating the process of urine transfer away from the patient.  This lightweight system is designed for simplicity in use by medical staff and caregivers and can be fully operational within minutes."  

The TIMO SOLUTION is a plastic handheld urinal attached by tubing to a pump that allows for the evacuation of urine to a reservoir, significantly improving the safety and comfort for the patient. The TIMO's main component is a small, quiet automated vacuum device attached to a disposable bottle for urine collection and disposal.

The TIMO can be left in place for long periods of time without risk of overflow or spillage, so a patient requires less assistance, while also allowing for reduced usage of diapers, catheterization, and institutionalization.

For patients with UI requiring hospitalization or institutionalization for other reasons, the TIMO could potentially reduce the associated care management and complication costs.