Digirad, a provider of diagnostic imaging products, and personnel and equipment leasing services, has contributed advanced photo detector technology for use in Dilon Diagnostics' theUS Food and Drug Administration approved gamma camera Dilon 6800 Acella, under a technology development and OEM agreement.

The introduction of the new Dilon imaging system marks the launch of commercial activities associated with the development agreement between the two companies that commenced in mid-2010.

The Dilon 6800 is a high-resolution, small field-of-view digital gamma camera, optimized for MBI/BSGI.

MBI utilizes radiotracer uptake to detect the increased metabolic activity of breast lesions and therefore, is not affected by breast density.

Both the Dilon 6800 and Acella systems provide the high photon sensitivity; and Dilon’s GammaLoc System enables gamma-guided breast biopsy.

Dilon Diagnostics chairman and CEO Robert Moussa said the standard Dilon 6800 and the Acella version of it now provide detectors that are 6"x8" and 8"x10" respectively, both optimized for breast imaging.

"The combination of Digirad’s photo detector technology along with our universe of imaging know-how and intellectual property provides the basis for the Dilon 6800 Acella," Moussa said.