The new IAM CMV is the fifth test used on the LIAISON IAM after the first four assays already launched in 2012 and 2013 (IAM BKV, IAM VZV, IAM PARVO, IAM TOXO).

The new molecular diagnostic test is of primary importance because it detects and quantifies clinically relevant subtypes of CMV in human plasma, urine and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF).

These features make the test a valuable tool for the diagnosis and monitoring of CMV infection in transplant recipients and other immunocompromised individuals as well as for the diagnosis of maternal and foetal CMV infection in early pregnancy and for monitoring CMV infection in affected babies.

DiaSorin Group Molecular Diagnostics marketing global vice president Paul Eros noted the potentially serious consequences of CMV infection in transplant and immunocompromised patients as well as in women in early pregnancy make IAM CMV an important addition to our infectious disease portfolio.

"The availability of real­time molecular diagnostic methods such as IAM CMV allows the rapid and sensitive diagnosis of active CMV infection. Furthermore, quantification of the viral load is invaluable for assessing the risk of CMV­related disease, to provide prognostic information, for guiding treatment decisions and for monitoring response to therapy," Eros added.