DiagnaMed Holdings, a generative artificial intelligence healthcare company, provides a development and commercialization update for CERVAI, a brain health AI platform.

A world-first, CERVAI consists of a Brain Age Estimation and Brain Health Assessment tool. The Brain Age Estimation tool includes a novel electroencephalogram headset and machine-learning model.

It integrates proprietary software into unified and standardized data recording protocols. The Brain Health Assessment tool generates clinician-observed measures and a brain health score. These combined allow users to be proactive in achieving their brain health goals. Future versions of CERVAI will incorporate OpenAI’s GPT platform to develop personalized treatment plans.

Fabio Chianelli, Chairman and CEO of DiagnaMed, commented: “We are in the final stage of development for CERVAI, our novel brain health AI platform. We expect to launch CERVAI in Q4-2023. CERVAI is for people who want to take control of their brain health. We aim to have CERVAI available at hospitals, doctor offices, clinics, pharmacies, and homes – similar to where blood pressure monitors are used.”

Development Update

DiagnaMed hired mHealth & eHealth Development and Innovation Centre (MEDIC) to integrate the Brain Health assessment service of CERVAI. MEDIC is recognized as Canada’s Digital Health Technology Access Centre. CERVAI will include privacy and security requirements to be HIPAA and PHIPA compliant.

The Company is working with Drexel University to complete the Brain Age tool of CERVAI. The first phase of the Brain Age program, which involved EEG recordings of participants at a research site, is complete. A novel lightweight, inexpensive, and easy-to-use EEG headset recorded the EEG data. A proprietary machine-learning model processed the EEG data to predict brain ages. The current model predicted chronological ages with a medium-to-strong statistical effect size. The final phase of the Brain Age program, which involved EEG recordings of participants at home, is complete. Final results from the clinic and home studies will be published this year to support DiagnaMed’s commercialization initiatives.

Commercialization Update

The initial commercial version of CERVAI will be ready for launch in Q4-2023. CERVAI can be available at health centers, doctor offices, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and homes. The Company is finalizing commercial support materials (i.e. training, customer support, marketing).

Discussions with clinics and research centers for CERVAI in Canada and the US are taking place. DiagnaMed plans to partner with digital health companies for international commercialization.

Source: Company Press Release