The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has awarded the codes A6234 through A6238 to allow healthcare providers to bill for the dressings as they cannot be reimbursed through Medicare without set HCPCS codes.

Xtrasorb HCS uses a patented super absorbent polymer hydrocolloidal suspension within a hydrogel matrix.

The dressings acts as a ‘smart dressing’ by providing moisture when the wound is dry and by absorbing moisture when the wound is exuding.

Derma Sciences, with the reimbursement codes, cover its entire Xtrasorb product line, including Xtrasorb foam for treatment of moderate to heavily exuding wounds and Xtrasorb Classic, for heavily and extra heavily exuding wounds.

Derma Sciences chairman and CEO Edward Quilty said that with reimbursement in place and product in distribution center, they are confident that demand for the new Xtrasorb line extensions will be robust and Xtrasorb HCS is able to absorb as much as four times the amount of wound drainage as leading hydrocolloids dressings currently on the market.

“Additionally, given its unique ability to management two different wound environments, we anticipate that Xtrasorb HCS will provide savings to the health care system by taking the place of two dressings,” Quilty said.

“The dressings will permit fewer dressing changes due to significantly higher absorption, requiring less nursing time, and potentially leading to better healing outcomes due to less disruption of the wound bed. Sales of these products began this month, and we expect them to contribute to our overall Advanced Wound Care sales moving forward.”