The latest MediHoney line extension is dispensed from a tube and is comprised of Active Manuka (Leptospermum) honey blended with natural-based gelling agents.

Derma Sciences president and CEO Edward Quilty said Medihoney Gel will provide clinicians and patients with added versatility in their use of honey-based products for challenging wounds and burns.

"Because the product is blended with gelling agents, the honey is able to better maintain its physical integrity at the site of the wound, even in the presence of wound fluid and body heat," Quilty said.

"This will make for a more durable and lasting product, which is key in the management of chronic wounds. Importantly, its proprietary formulation utilizing natural gelling agents has a patent pending in the US, which if granted, will further increase our IP around the Medihoney brand."

The new Medihoney Gel will be manufactured at Derma Sciences’ facility in Toronto.