The new system is an adaptable wave-patterned bone borne plate and screw system that helps in the temporary stabilization of mandibular and maxillary fractures and osteotomies.

MatrixWAVE MMF System includes short and tall plates with a new wave pattern that allows surgeons to refine bone segment alignment after wiring without requiring them to reposition screws.

The system will help in reducing the operating room time and risk of soft tissue and tooth root injury compared to arch bars and intermaxillary fixation (IMF) screws, noted DePuy Synthes.

In addition, the system avoids the need for interdental wiring, which allows in reducing the risk of tooth loosening and wire sticks.

It holds the capacity to minimize soft tissue growth over the screw with accessible screw heads that sit above the tooth and offer additional anchor points for occlusal stability and approximation of bone segments.

DePuy Synthes Trauma, CMF and Veterinary global orthopaedics franchise unit leader I.V. Hall said: "Traditional MMF techniques can be time consuming, difficult on soft tissue and may require removal in an OR, among several other limitations.

"MatrixWAVE MMF was designed with the intent of addressing these concerns and expands our portfolio of maxillomandibular solutions."