The system is being used to support high-volume manufacturing of biocompatible hard coatings for implants.

The Discovery 200 is a production-proven sputtering process module that can be customized with front-end options and in-situ controls to meet specific customer needs. As an established leader in the medical device market, this customer needs to meet high production demands with around-the-clock production. Denton’s Discovery 200 provides the reliability and system uptime that is required, while still allowing for production flexibility to meet specific thin film requirements. Because the manufacturer was replacing an existing tool, they needed the Discovery to slide seamlessly into production without any interruption.

“The Discovery 200 sputtering process module is a proven system that ensures reliability at the core of our entire process flow,” the customer stated. “The team at Denton worked with us to implement our production process on the Discovery system before shipment, allowing us to immediately begin manufacturing and reduce our overall time to production. Denton Vacuum’s system is capable of handling 24/7 production so we can meet throughput requirements with a configuration that is customized for our needs.”

David Douglass, Senior Product Manager at Denton Vacuum, stated that, “We’re thrilled to see that the Discovery 200 solves our customer’s challenges, both for their high-volume production process and their unique thin film specifications. When we designed the Discovery 200 process module, we specifically prioritized the fixturing and process flexibility that is needed to support the demands of our customers in the medical market, while delivering the same high quality and repeatability from this semiconductor-grade platform. Our tools are well-established in this field, and we know our customers require flexible, reliable solutions to produce quality thin films on very challenging substrates.”

Source: Company Press Release.