Delta Pacific Products and Venture Manufacturing Group have formed a joint venture Venta Medical, to provide local turn-key manufacturing resource solutions to both established OEMs and start-ups in need of services including planning, procurement, production and distribution.

Venta’s medical manufacturing services company is an ideal joint venture between the companies offering injection molding and manufacturing services from a single vendor.

Supplier management, component sourcing, assembly, packaging and distribution of sterile finished product are among the proven areas of expertise for the partners of Venta Medical.

Venta features a streamlined production opportunity for both OEMs and start-ups that allows customers to focus on their core competencies, comfortable in the knowledge that their product is in good hands.

Venta Medical co-founder and CEO Karl Im said that they bringing plastic injection molding, Press-to-CER device manufacturing, packaging, and distribution under one roof, offering customers the irresistible opportunity to save money and cut time to market.

“Our ‘Press-to CER’ concept is an internal dock-to-stock program that will save customers the cost of planning, buying, inspecting, and stocking their molded components,” Im said.

“Venta’s value-added concept gives customers the advantages of economy of scale offered by two long-established and reputable companies, Delta Pacific and Venture Manufacturing.”