The cases were treated as part of the initial launch and training agreement, Delcath had with the Johann hospital in December 2011.

Two patients were treated for inoperable, liver-dominant metastases, one from cutaneous melanoma and one from breast cancer.

Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Hospital Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology director Thomas Vogl said they believe this technology has significant potential to help control cancers in the liver.

"We’re pleased to be the first cancer center to begin offering this important treatment option to patients in Germany, and are eager to further explore its role in the treatment of multiple tumor types including breast cancer," Vogl said.

Delcath president and CEO Eamonn Hobbs said they recently treated their first patients in Milan and are eager to continue their expansion across Europe.

"Opening another Chemosat treatment center and treating patients in the continent’s largest market is another step forward in the commercialization of this technology," Hobbs said.