The F1 MPS system has been designed to address a wide range of surgical options, pre-assembled or modular screws, straight or curved rods, and titanium or cobalt-chrome rods.

DeGen Medical CEO Craig Black said: "To meet the needs of the patient and surgeon is the goal of the company. The team has worked hard to provide surgeons with less invasive lumbar fusion procedures and achieve better patient outcomes."

The system features modular pedicle screw with cobalt-chrome alloy head and screw thread is specifically engineered to combine the option for standard or cortical screw placement.

In addition, the system provides intra-operative flexibility for bone grafting and screw placement.

North Carolina-based First Health Moore Regional Hospital’s Dr Daniel Williams said: "The modularity of the F1 MPS system makes it easier to visualize structures, allows for less muscle damage and better preparation of fusion bed for faster recovery.