The insulin pump, which is controlled by a dedicated smartphone device incorporated with a BGM (blood-glucose meter), represents the most advanced use of microfluidic MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) technology in diabetes treatment.

The watertight pump can be mounted on a disposable skin patch to provide continuous insulin infusion, which helps in the treatment efficiency and the quality of diabetic patients life.

Debiotech president and CEO Dr. Frederic Neftel said the company’s collaboration with Valtronic in Switzerland and in the US is an integral part of its target to provide the best product manufactured by the best companies in the world.

"We are now engaged in a large scale production effort to make sure the JewelPUMP will be made available to every diabetic patient in the soonest possible time to ensure a better Quality of Life, while also improving reliability and performance of insulin delivery with a pump," Neftel added.

The JewelPUMP is infused with a microfluidic technology, which is manufactured by ST Microelectronics, and helps to provide better control of the administered insulin doses, while detecting potential malfunctions of the pump to further protect the patient.

The pump is composed of a disposable pump-reservoir unit and an electronic Controller unit that can be used for up to two years.

The pump is mounted with double the amount of insulin (5mL), and is a nearly invisible skin patch, which can be worn for a 7-day treatment.

The Controller unit, which will be manufactured by Valtronic, integrates a number of functionalities, both for the operation of the pump unit and the highly secured communication with the remote smartphone device, as well as a large number of sensors and actuators.