This new system will be based on Debiotech’s highly miniaturized Home dialysis equipment ‘DialEase’, developed for Home Peritoneal dialysis, and AWAK’s novel sorbent technology for fluid purification.

The combination of both companies’ product expertise will lead to a new system which shall be extremely small and convenient to use, less intrusive in a patient’s life and more cost effective.

This new system will also require much less fluid than conventional Hemodialysis machines and will be monitored in real time from the hospital via the cloud.

The present DialEase device can easily stand on a night table and only weights about 4.7kg, making it easily transportable and less intrusive into the patient’s home.

It is also equipped with a ‘Telecare’ real time communication interface, making it easy for the patient and the medical staff to enter into direct video communication at any point of time.

Treatment parameters and compliance can also be followed in real time by the healthcare professionals, ensuring safety and adequate treatment at all times. Wireless communication with a weight scale and a blood pressure/blood glucose monitoring device also ensures distant control of the patient and treatment compliance surveillance.

A large multimedia display, with voice guidance, ensures that the patient is always guided in every step of the therapy to limit potential errors and risks of contamination.

The DialEase device is also equipped with automatic alarm resolution feature to minimize treatment interruptions and optimize treatment time. The DialEase for PD is currently scheduled for CE marking in the course of 2014.

Debiotech president and CEO Dr Frederic Neftel noted this collaboration agreement is based on the ideal synergy between the innovative fluid purification system developed by AWAK and Debiotech’s existing Home dialysis machine, DialEase.

"Our common vision is to make available to patients, in a relative short period of time, the most integrated and cost-effective machine for Home Hemodialysis.

"By using our DialEase[TM] system, which features today’s smallest and most convenient system for Home peritoneal dialysis, we will be able to bring optimal comfort, safety and independance to patients preferring to benefit from Hemodialysis treatment at Home.

"By using the sorbent fluid purification cartridge from AWAK, we will be able to save a significant amount of fluid, simplify the entire logistics and radically reduce the size of the final system, contributing also to overall cost savings.

"Such development of a Home Hemodialysis version of DialEase[TM], with the sorbent purification system for the dialysate, will require both parties’ active involvement and significant investments which are today justified by the significant opportunity of addressing the unmet need for a safe, cost effective and convenient Hemodialysis therapy method at Home.

"As a result, we hope to significantly change the Quality of Life for many patients suffering from End Stage Renal Failure and contribute to the reduction of healthcare costs," Dr Neftel added.